About us

We have been practising lawyers long enough to know that legal services are invaluable in making swift and right business decision, and the lawyer’s professional experience carries significant weight. At the same time, we are young enough for our knowledge to be up-to-date and for us to be determined to constantly improve and enhance our professional skills.
We are active advisors - we do not wait until problems arise - we foresee all risks and prevent them by cooperating with our client.

We have been acting for many years for, among others, biggest Polish banks, litigating cases relat-ed to property management and financial instruments. We provide legal assistance for a number of companies in the investment processes, lease-ups and agreements such as franchising.

Our law firm is one of the first on the Polish market which began to specialise in compensation claims, especially in compensation for medical malpractice. We have been making successful claims for our clients for over 20 years!

This experience gave us an advantage over the competition and the certainty, that we can realisti-cally assess the chances of winning a case.

We have recorded the highest redress for medical negligence in the history of Polish judicature!

We know not only how to initiate a lawsuit, but also how to manage it in order to obtain a favoura-ble judgment for our client.

Partner organizations


Since 2003, we cooperate with EUROJURIS INTERNATIONAL – a leading European organisation of about 600 mid-sized law firms, whose objective is to provide legal assistance for the clients who reside or have their registered offices abroad. Our law firm has the status of a corresponding member of Eurojuris International.



Since 2009, Mrs Jolanta Budzowska has been a board member of PEOPIL (Pan-European Organisa-tion of Personal Injury Lawyers) based in Birmingham, England, thus representing the Polish law-yers. This organisation brings together lawyers specialising in cases involving personal injury or health disorder.



Jolanta Budzowska is a member of The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) which is based in Nottingham, United Kingdom. This membership allows her, among others, to develop her knowledge in regard to insurance law in the common law system.



In November 2016, atty. Jolanta Budzowska was accepted as one of the members of IDEC – Insti-tute for European Traffic Law with registered office in Luxembourg-Bertrange. The Institute was set up in 2003 and seeks to promote knowledge of insurance law, regulations governing the identi-fication of subjects liable for the consequences of events and general traffic law. IDEC’s main pur-pose is to bring together experts and practitioners who deal specifically with this field of law. IDEC organises European Traffic Law Days, an annual event which provides a platform for exchange of knowledge and experience related to insurance law.


Pro Bono

We are involved in charitable activities to serve the public good, both in the provision of legal ser-vices, as well as various health and culture related initiatives.

Jasiek Mela Foundation BEYOND HORIZONS


Foundation Between Heaven and Earth


Fundacja Poland
Business Run


Social Educational Society District No.64 in Krakow,


Fundacja Pokonaj Chłoniaka