29 January 2019

Atty. Budzowska ranked as one of the most influential lawyers in Poland!

Daily Legal Newspaper (Dziennik Gazeta Prawna) published their ranking of 50 most influential lawyers in Poland. Also included was Atty. Jolanta Budzowska, and the editors’ comment is as follows:

23 October 2018

3rd Kraków Medical Tourism Congress

In recent years, Poland has become one of the most popular tourism destinations among tourists from Great Britain, Germany, Sweden and Norway who look for highly specialized medical services during their travel.

21 October 2018

Eurojuris International Congress in Dubai

During the autumn Eurojuris International Congress in Dubai, the BFP was represented by Atty. Benedykt Fiutowski.

11 October 2018

Medical malpractice in the realm of medical tourism – are patients safe?

Today Atty. Budzowska visited Radio Kraków to discuss medical tourism with Dr Jan Parandowski. The experts educated potential medical tourists on the importance of making an informed choice of a clinic (having special regard to its quality and reputation) and on the practical aspects of pursuing a claim for compensation in the realm of medical tourism.

09 October 2018

International patent conference ‘Rethinking Patent Law as an Incentive to Innovation’ 8-9 October 2018 – Warsaw

On 8 and 9 October 2018, the Polish Patent Office together with the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Polish Society for Intellectual Property and Competition Law held a conference titled ‘Rethinking patent law as an incentive to innovation’.

05 October 2018

XIXth EUROPEAN TRAFFIC LAW DAYS 2018, 4-5 October 2018 - IETL

This year’s European Traffic Law Days, a conference organised by the Institute for European Traffic Law (IETL) took place in Naples. IETL focuses its members’ activity around the issues of road traffic accidents in Europe. This time, the programme included, among others, an analysis of the legal situation of road traffic accidents’ victims and the insurers after Brexit.

10 September 2018

PEOPIL Conference 6-8 September 2018 - Paris

This year’s annual PEOPIL (Pan-European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers) conference was held in France. The meetings and sessions took place in the beautiful interiors of the Parisian society “l'Union interalliée” and Les Salons at Avenue Hoche, in the heart of Paris.

19 July 2018

American Association for Justice’s Annual Convention, Denver 2018

Organised by the American Association for Justice, one of the largest conferences for trial lawyers in the United States took place in Denver from July 7 -10, 2018.

18 June 2018

Product Liability and Medical Negligence – PEOPIL Conference, Barcelona 2018

This year’s conferences of the Medical Negligence and Product Liability EEGs of PEOPIL (the Pan European Organization of Personal Injury Lawyers) have taken place as a single event – a Joint Conference, held in mostly sunny, but always beautiful Barcelona, on 7 – 8 June 2018.

01 June 2018

Atty. Jolanta Budzowska has received the “Golden Paragraph” Award 2018!

Atty. Jolanta Budzowska was one of the laureates of the 24th edition of “Golden Paragraphs”, organised under the auspices of the Daily Legal Newspaper (“Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”) in the category of Best General Counsel. The awards were presented on May 30th 2018 in Warsaw.