Our offer

We support your professional activities on an ongoing basis: agreements, negotiations, legal opinions, legal proceedings - everything that gives you, the capital company’s board member or the individual entrepreneur, a sense of legal security and confidence in business.

As your trusted partner, if need be, we also assist you in your personal life - i.a. in private investments, cases involving inheritance law or real estate.

Our second leading area of expertise consists of compensation claims. When acting for our clients, we win compensation both for pecuniary and non-pecuniary losses and pensions for medical errors, aviation, farmstead and traffic accidents, as well as in other cases involving the payment of fair compensation for harm suffered.

We also provide legal aid to injured foreigners, when the accident occurred in Poland.

What all domains of our practise have in common is many years’ litigation experience - the courtroom is a place where we feel most confident! We also know that when you instruct a lawyer you wish to have a peace of mind.

We handle your cases as if they were our own!

We provide services in Polish, English, German and Italian.

Medical negligence and
personal injury

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