The provision of advisory services relating to real estate and the investment process is a significant part of our legal assistance. In terms of real estate law, we primarily:

  • examine the legal status of real estate (prepare due diligence reports),
  • prepare legal opinions,
  • negotiate the terms of sale contracts,
  • represent our clients before the courts in cases connected with real property and the rights attached to it, including the proceedings before the Land and Mortgage Register Courts,
  • regulate the legal status of real estate, among others in proceedings for the dissolution of joint property ownership.

As part of the investment process, among others, we:

  • analyse the existing legal relations and assess the legal risks associated with the planned in-vestment,
  • provide legal assistance in obtaining administrative documents (including the zoning decision and building permit, together with the necessary arrangements, permits and contracts),
  • conduct on behalf of our clients the administrative proceedings and court proceedings before the Provincial Administrative Courts and before the Supreme Administrative Court.

We also advise our clients on financing the investments and purchasing real estate, we provide the legal opinions and memoranda, we negotiate the conditions of credit agreements, as well as advise on the debt security, thus providing comprehensive legal services related thereto.

Michał Sikora