Michał Sikora

Studied law at the Jagiellonian Univeristy in Cracow between 1996 and 2001. He wrote his master’s dissertation under the auspices of professor Ireneusz Weiss, for which he gained the highest possible grade; likewise, he received the highest possible overall grade for the whole studies.
He has sixteen years of professional experience. His first job was for the VIG Law Firm Budzowska Fiutowski Jamorski s.c. Since 2001, he has worked for the Forystek Góralczyk Rychlicki Budzowska Fiutowski Jamorski Adwokaci i Radcowie Prawni Spółka Partnerska law firm, and then, in 2004, moved on to the Budzowska Fiutowski i Partnerzy. Radcowie Prawni law firm.
He specializes in civil law and civil procedural law, as well as company law regulations concerning both private and public legal persons, and in particular in the subject of construction investments (construction law contracts and administrative law) and in the process of transfer of real properties. He boasts great experience both in the judicial and arbitration procedures, including these corresponding to issues arising from construction contracts.
He is fluent in English.