Danuta Szeląg

I joined the BFP law firm many years ago. Initially I did not think that I would find myself at home working in this particular field, however fate has guided my life so that I remained at the firm for the next 10 years. The nature of my work at the firm has changed over the years. I have been an assistant, I provided everyday administrative work at the office, and I also focused on making sure that the everything is organized properly. Despite the fact that I do not have any legal training, thanks to the experience that I gained during the many years with the firm, I have learned a lot about the job of a lawyer, and the legal language has also become much more easier for me to comprehend.

Currently I am cooperating with the firm, focusing mainly on establishing a permanent business relationship with our Clients. I am in constant search of new Clients, and I also analyse and try to improve and assist the work of the lawyers within the firm’s personal injury team. I value professionalism and diligence. As soon as spring comes around, I happily abandon trams and buses in favour of my trusty bike. During winter I prefer ice skating to skiing. I find relaxation when caring for plants, and I tend to appreciate the charms of nature outside of sunny weather too.