Anna Znachowska

I am a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. In 2015, I received a master’s degree in Administration and in 2017 a master's degree in Law. In the same year, I successfully passed the legal counsel trainee entrance examination, and started my legal counsel apprenticeship in 2018.

When I was studying law, I did not plan to deal with medical law. I started my first professional practice at the Prosecutor's Office, and I was a member of the Jagiellonian Club's legal clinic. I made the decision to specialize in medical law during my studies, when I started a job in which I had the opportunity to come across the everyday problems of patients. Being a witness to their helplessness and confusion when dealing with the health care machine, I decided to become a lawyer specializing in matters related to patient rights and personal injury, including in particular medical negligence liability. In my master's thesis I dealt with issues related to psychiatric treatment as well as ethical and legal issues of treatment without consent. At the end of my studies, I joined the medical team at the BFP Law Firm, where I have the opportunity to gain experience and learn from the best. During my work for the Law Firm, I had the opportunity to get acquainted with many difficult issues that made me realize how enormous the consequences of medical negligence can be for the patient, as well as their family. This reassured me in my conviction that, in such situations, professional legal support is extremely important for the victim. I am constantly expanding my knowledge and experience to provide legal assistance to those who need it.

Privately, I enjoy cycling, and I am a big enthusiast of cats and good food.