We have extensive experience in all types of inheritance proceedings. We represent both clients whose goal in itself is to regulate the legal status of inherited property as well as those who obtain an appropriate court decision in order to conduct other proceedings, typically carried out with our help, like the investment, the declaration of prescription, or the recovery of expropriated property.

We provide legal services to both Polish citizens and foreign entities. Our services are fully compre-hensive; in case when such such a need arises we can provide the assistance in verifying the civil registry records, in Poland and abroad, we recommend people acting as administrators of the es-tate and we undertake any other action necessary for effective succession.

Moreover, we act as the executors of the estate. We know from our experience that our clients are increasingly aware of the importance of the effective, fast and accurate implementation of their last will, and thus, seek trustworthy people who could act as the executors of their last will. Our knowledge on the legal and factual aspects of the activities aimed at enforcing the testamen-tary stipulations means that we have been already bestowed with this kind of trust and can now recommend our services in this regard.

Michał Sikora