Claims related to personal injury resulting from road traffic accidents, accidents at work, aviation accidents, accidents caused by a dangerous product and sport-related accidents may be threefold.

The first type is the compensation in the strict sense of the word. It aims at compensating pecuniary losses (expenditure on medicines, specialists, care, etc.), and therefore its amount depends on the extent of those losses.

The second type is the compensation for non-pecuniary losses. Its purpose, as opposed to the first type, is to compensate non-pecuniary losses, such as, among others, bodily injury or health impairment, physical and mental suffering connected therewith, a potential necessity to change one’s lifestyle, worsening of life perspectives, etc.

The last of the possible claims is a pension. The injured party is entitled to the latter when the consequence of the damage suffered is the total or partial loss of ability to work, increased needs for the future or smaller chances of success.

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