18 June 2018

Intrauterine Fetal Death – a settlement

The BFP law firm has represented two clients – the parents of a child who tragically died in the mother’s womb as a result of medical negligence – in successful settlement negotiations with the hospital’s insurer.
The case concerned a misdiagnosis of symptoms suggesting fetal distress, failure to perform further, more accurate diagnostics (most importantly a Doppler ultrasound to check fetal blood flow), and leaving the pregnant mother overnight with scarcely any supervision. First thing in the morning, the baby’s heart rate could not be heard, and an ultrasound scan confirmed intrauterine death.

The BFP law firm managed to secure a satisfactory settlement for our clients, under which both of them will be paid 105.000,00 PLN as redress for their pain and suffering (a total amount of 210.000,00 PLN), without the necessity of going through a long, stressful and expensive trial.

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