26 March 2018

PEOPIL YLG 2018 Conference

This year’s PEOPIL Young Lawyers conference was held in the city of Prague on March 23rd, 2018. Gabriela Nadybska took part in the event on behalf of BFP.

25 May 2017


On 19 May 2017 I had a great pleasure to take part in the conference of the RTA and WHIPLASH EEG in Munich. The conference was organised by PEOPIL, Pan European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers. Presentations were prepared by the speakers from different parts of Europe (from the UK, Spain, Greece, Germany, France and Poland). I took part in the comparative panel on Contributory Negligence in Motor Claims with German and French colleagues and I presented the regulation of the Polish Civil Code referring to this subject.

26 August 2016

The visit of legal counselor trainees from Berlin

On Thursday 25th of August 2016, our law firm had the pleasure to host a group of legal trainees form from the Appeal Court in Berlin

25 April 2016

PEOPIL YOUNG – product liability cases

Michał Krzanowski and Gabriela Nadybska attended the 3rd PEOPIL Young Lawyers conference in Amsterdam on 22nd of April. They delivered a lecture on product liability cases in Poland and took this opportunity to exchange thoughts on cross border cases with other european lawyers. The programme gave the participants valuable insight on fields such as medical negligence, fatal accidents compensation, human rights and package travel. Budzowska Fiutowska & Partners have been actively engaged in the work of PEOPIL since 2008.

22 October 2015


Budzowska Fiutowski and Partners law firm would like to kindly inform that we are in the progress of gathering a group of claimants who wish to raise their compensatory claims in connection with the tragic accident of El Faro ship on 2 October 2015. The potential claims have a unique character because of their cross-border nature.

05 August 2015

The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg against excessive length of the proceedings

On 7 July 2015 the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg in case Rutkowski et. al. against Poland (application no 72287/10, 13927/11 and 46187/11) issued the so-called pilot judgment. The Court found that in all these cases there has been a violation of the right to trial within a reasonable time and the right to an effective remedy (Art. 6, paragraph 1 and Art. 13 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms). The Court held that the violation of Art. 6 paragraph 1 and Art.

19 April 2015


In the United States there has been completed the litigation concerning compensatory claims from the passengers of Boeing 767. The aircraft, piloted by Captain Tadeusz Wrona, had an emergency belly landing on 1 November 2011 at Okęcie Airport in Warsaw. The injured parties were represented by Wisner Law Firm based in Chicago, Stewarts Law based in London and Budzowska Fiutowski & Partners (BFP) from Poland, all specialising in aviation accidents and claims connected therewith.

12 January 2015

The government has adopted the guidelines for the draft law on promoting ADR - BFP partner, attorney Benedykt Fiutowski, participated in the legislative work.

On January 7, 2015 the Council of Ministers has adopted the guidelines for the draft law on the promotion of amicable dispute resolution prepared by the Minister of Economy in cooperation with the Minister of Justice. The legislative work involved the contribution of the experts from Allerhand Institute (AI):

12 December 2014

GLOBAL LAW EXPERTS (GLE) – an international organization with a global reach granted Atty. Jolanta Budzowska with an exclusive expert status in the category of personal injury law.

Thus, Atty. Jolanta Budzowska was classified as a “Recommended Lawyer" and the law firm Budzowska Fiutowski and Partners, was appointed “Recommended Law Firm” in the area of personal injury law.

25 November 2014

Atty. Jolanta Budzowska has become the member of APIL, UK-based association of personal injury lawyers

Atty. Jolanta Budzowska has been admitted to APIL organisation (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers), based in Nottingham, United Kingdom. APIL is a not-for-profit campaign organisation, with more than 25 years of tradition, associating more than 3,800 member lawyers (mainly solicitors, barristers and legal executives), including lawyers from different jurisdictions.